In the last few weeks I have had many people ask me why is it ok to drink green tea and not coffee when they both have caffeine so hopefully this will answer that question and help to create positive habits for our bodies and mind through education.

What's so bad about coffee?

Coffee is a stimulant and will stimulate your adrenal hormones and when over stimulated may eventually burn out the adrenal glands which can cause an estrogen dominance which can lead to osteoporosis.

Coffee is also know to increase the acidity levels in the blood causing the body to pull calcium from your bones and teeth to compensate which leads to an even higher risk of osteoporosis. (1)

It will interfere with your body’s ability to use folate (B9), and vitamins B12 and B6a. Nutrients which are important in keeping  homocysteine levels in the healthy range. Elevated homocysteine levels are associated with a number of serious disease  conditions. (2) 

Coffee can also create insomnia, raise blood pressure, raise stress hormone levels, increase symptoms of anxiety, cause heart palpitations and deplete the body of iron.

What's so good about green tea?

Green tea contains a naturally occurring antioxidant called EGCG which has the health promoting potentials to improve digestion, inhibit bacterial and viral infections, neutralise fats and oils in your body and help with fat metabolism, protect against oxidation in your brain and liver, enhance brain function and support healthy gums.

Never substitute water for green tea as this is always the best choice but having 3 cups a day of an organic pesticide free green leafed tea according to most of the research is beneficial for receiving the health benefits however if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is best to avoid all caffeine. (1)

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