Coconut, Banana & Bare Blends Dark Cacao with Kakadu Plum

Total Calories: 200   |   Carbs: 20g   |   Protein:15g   |   Fat: 7g |   Fibre 2.6g  -  Serves 1

Delicious and easy to make balanced protein shake that is high in calcium and is consists of 40% Carbs, 30% Protein and 30% Fat.


  1. Measure out all ingredients and place into blender. I like to use a magic bullet as it is quick, easy and doesn't take up mush space.
  2. Blend until ingredients are mixed and drink with ice or as is.

Variation - Low Carb / High Protein

Total Calories: 200   |   Carbs: 10.6g (20%)   |   Protein:25.8g (50%)   |   Fat: 6.7g (30%) |   Fibre 2.9g  -  Serves 1

To makes this a low carb / high protein shake 

Recipe by Nadine Hoffman Pure Energy Training Zone


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